Thursday, 6 June 2013

Painting In Texas



In my previous post I wrote about painting at Panther Hollow near Austin, Texas.

I spent a lot of time there, painting in a variety of locations at different times of day. The photographs above show me on three different days, along with the rather stylish car I was using – with my primed paper on the back seat.

The subtle but notable differences between the Dorset greens and Texan greens as the countryside moved though Spring were fascinating and deeply inspiring.

I'd arrived in Texas after a very intensive few days in New York, visiting every gallery I could get to. It was exciting to then shift my focus back to an immersion into the landscape – returning to the rigour of my own Slade discipline and approach.

The novelty of working in a different landscape and climate was something that simply did not wear off during the entire time I was in Texas. I didn't want to leave. I certainly didn't want to stop painting. I left hungry for more time, and for a deeper acquaintance with the hollows, creeks, rocky valleys and plains of the Hill Country where we were staying.

There are four paintings in the Panther Hollow series, and they can all be seen here on my website.

One recently sold at auction in Austin. The remaining three are still in Texas, and I will be arranging framing there, and making them available for sale.

I'm already planning my next trip to the Lone Star State, during which I will paint intensively – with the aim of building a sufficient body of work for a US exhibition.


Rudge Renewables said...

Nice wheels!.. Its hard to imagine the difference in greens from the comfort of Devon. Its something to experience methinks.. Keep the American Blogs coming. . Chris

Brian Sloan said...

There is a song that has a line "deep in the heart of Texas" The land is unlike anything I would have imagined. I'm glad you had such a productive trip in such a foreign land. Greens are always difficult, I'm not sure why. I guess experience just kicks in and away you go. The forests are just starting to leaf out here so there is much to do.

Camilla said...

Your painting style is awesome! Impressionist?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing you visited Austin when the weather was kind. That doesn't happen often in the summer, that's for sure! When I visited your website and saw a gallery called Texas, I was intrigued.
Hope you get back to Austin again and get the chance to paint the Hill Country as it is definitely different from the rest of Texas and the Great Hills area of Austin is one of the most most beautiful(and expensive)part in Austin.