Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Panther Hollow

I've recently returned from a trip to see my sister Polly, who lives in Austin, Texas.

I couldn't have visited such a beautiful place without taking my brushes. I bought oil paints in Austin.

One of the inspiring places I found was Panther Hollow Trail near Polly and Jon's house. Although close to the home comforts of suburban River Place it was a truly wild piece of Texas Hill Country – as evidenced by the deadly Coral Snake which crossed our path one day. My cousin Emily managed to keep her cool and snapped a photograph of it as you can see above.

The reddish brown Texan dirt and crystal-clear creek were canopied by fresh new-season leaves, whose greenness was made vibrant by the late-spring sunshine. It was truly a beautiful place to spend time, and I wish I could be there now.

I've donated one of the paintings I produced there to The Autism Trust, and it will be auctioned at their Give Autism A Chance charity dinner this Saturday, May 18th.

Further details are here.