Thursday, 7 March 2013

Winter Light

I've been back to Ringstead to paint, on lead-primed paper.

During the last few months I have spent a lot of time drawing my friend, artist and mutual-model Martha. These sessions have been productive, and also very valuable in respect of turning my focus to the discipline of drawing – with an emphasis on line and structure.

The landscape at Ringstead is something I know intimately, and have painted countless times. It was very inspiring therefore to return to it while still retaining that focus on drawing from the sessions with Martha.

This lead to my being acutely aware of the distance between me and far features of the landscape. For example the complexities and subtlety of the banks of shingle as they span that distance towards the headland of White Nothe were something I wanted to specifically describe. It is an exciting challenge to note and respond to the undulations of the shingle banks, the many facets of the headland, the vastness and variety of shade of the sea – and the intricate relationships between them all.


Rudge Renewables said...

The weather is getting better for painting it seems. Maybe another good Springtime on the way?

Nice to see Ringstead again, both as photo and your painting.

Brian Sloan said...

Great work Harriet. Back to basics with the drawing and the painting just gets better. I can't wait to get outside again as the temps are just starting to rise over here. All the best.

Tony Perrotta said...

Great to see you back Blooging Harriet, always looking foward to seeing your work.

Harriet Barber said...

Thank you for your comments.
I'm off to Texas in USA to paint the lakes there during April. I Am expecting better weather there than here! I will try to keep the blog updated whilst away.

Brian Sloan said...

That is great news. I have never painted in the states but am sure you will have a great trip. Call if you end up in Nova Scotia although it will not be as warm as Texas there is lots to paint.