Sunday, 31 March 2013


Whilst in New York I had the opportunity to make a few sketches and notes of the view, as shown in my previous post.

I thought I'd write a little more about the reasons I use a sketchbook in this way.

It is important to be able to record a particular aspect of what I'm looking at. In this case it was the vast scale of the buildings of the city, in contrast with the cars and people below.

The pen was a really quick way of making a few lines to capture just that.

As an artist who prefers to work in situ I find such notes very useful on occasions where a particular view (in this case from my hotel room) is unlikely to be available to me again. These are the sort of visual notes that draw me back to both a subject and place.


Brian Sloan said...

Making sense of a cityscape like that is like trying to untangle knoted string. Great work in such a short time. Did you get a chance to see any galleries during your visit?

Rudge Renewables said...

certainly that NYC cityscape is a complete and exciting contrast to the wilds of Dorset for recreating on paper.