Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back To Tresco

I haven't had the best of summers. In got ill in May, and ended up on a lengthy course of chemotherapy.

With that behind me, here are my latest paintings. I sat outside on the beach at New Grimsby on Tresco in the Isles of Scilly – one of my favourite places in the world – and painted these on canvases roughly 3' wide.

It wasn't freezing cold, but the wind was quite strong. It was exhilarating to be in such a beautiful and inspiring place, and to be painting in situ.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

Hey hey... Its really good to see your blog kicked back to life!. Loving the new work and good to see you back in full creative form. Its looking great!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's great to see you're painting and blogging again.

Love from Chris and John X

Tony Perrotta said...

Always looking forward to your blogs Harriet. Hope you feel better and get back to 100% asap.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings H. Lots of love, Leila xxx

Brian Sloan said...

Hello Harriet, it is so good to see that you are back at work. Amazing as always. I can feel the air from here. All the best, Brian

Anonymous said...

Hi Harriet, Just found these latest Tresco paintings - they are so fresh and full of light. Sorry I missed you when you were here. New York sketch from today is such a contrast, and just as lovely. Take care, Anna x