Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Narcissi & Tulips

A friend brought these beautiful flowers round last week, and – inspired – I went straight to the studio to paint them.

I've been working a lot on flowers in recent weeks, but haven't posted any here or on the website until now.

I'll put some more up tomorrow.

I am also currently planning an open studio event for next month – opening my studio to the public for the first time. I'll post more details of that too.


Anonymous said...

That's lovely, Harriet. Looking forward to seeing the others.

Chris D

Brian Sloan said...

Perfect. Our plants are just starting to peak through the ground after the winter. Watching them open as you work is special and hard to keep up at times. All the best with the open studio.

Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

This looks lovely, really bright and captured Spring! Great work as ever :)

IP lawyer said...

'Soft option'! No way. These are lovely and it takes great skill to paint like this - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.