Monday, 12 March 2012

Dorelia In The Rain

I've just finished a large scale (168 x 152cm - 5'6' x 5' ie. more than life size) painting of my daughter Dorelia.

People who know my work will know that I love the river Stour. It felt right to paint her with the Stour in the background.

I had a green dress similar to the one she wore when I was her age. The painting therefore has a number of personal connections and connotations for me.

The painting is based on a number of sketches I made down at the Stour. On one occasion while Dory was posing for me it started to rain, and her skirt blew in all directions as the wind gusted around us – and it was this moment that inspired the pose for the painting.

My working methodology was similar to that I used for another large scale painting of figures in the landscape – The Thomas Children – a commission where I painted each of the children individually before working up the large composition based at Ringstead.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

I like the Stour theme, as this has been one of your focus subjects for some while now.. some may say you can paint the Stour with your eyes shut!. ;)

I like the windswept look.

Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

I've just realised how high this painting is!!.. It must be nearly 2mtrs high... and have used 2 gallons of oil paint in execution!!... Almost!

Igloo said...

I like the diagonal line the painting's composition creates - from the top left to the bottom right. Makes the wind very vivid while harmonising the painting.