Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pictures From An Exhibition

Here are some more photographs from my visit to the Quest Gallery in Bath yesterday.

In addition to several of my river Stour paintings they are also hanging some flower paintings and seascapes, which you cannot see in these photos.

There is also an ink sketch of a black cat that belonged to a dear friend I shared a house with in London during my postgraduate student days.

The space is perfect. The gallery has excellent viewing distances, and a wonderful layout – with the hanging space continuing on the lower floor. This part of Bath is fast becoming the Cork Street of the south west.


Brian Sloan said...

Beautiful work in a fabulous space. All the best with the show.

Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

This is all so very good.. Love that big Stour picture, stands out wonderfully!

Tony Perrotta said...

As always a pleasure to see your photos and work Harriet.

Patent Attorney said...

Beautiful arrangement of the gallery, making great use of the space and creating a harmonious theme. When's the next exhibition then?