Friday, 18 November 2011


The exhibition of my drawings and paintings at the National Cancer Research Institute's annual conference in Liverpool earlier this month was an exciting and high-profile finale for this collection of very special work.

In my address there I spoke about how I had continued drawing and painting myself, as the model, following my cancer treatment and how – with the amazing energy and assistance of Dot Browning of Plush Art – this had become a project involving over twenty local women sitting for me.

For me, Breast Cancer LIFE was all about life – a affirmation that despite the fear of our illness and the physical and psychological scars left by our treatment, we continue to be beautiful, to be female – and that we can continue to express and celebrate this.

The women who gave up their time, who told me their stories, and who trusted me to draw or paint them during what for many was a difficult and vulnerable time – were an inspiration. They each got something different out of the experience.

Personally, I wouldn't call it therapy – they were sitting for an artist, no more, no less. But I do hope that it provided, and will continue to provide, some hope and encouragement to women going through diagnosis and treatment; and to their families and loved ones.

Those drawings or paintings which sold will shortly be passed on to their buyers, so the exhibition will be unlikely to be seen together again. The book is however still available via this link.

I'm back painting the landscapes and seascapes that I love; but I will always continue to draw and paint from the model. It's what I was trained to do, and I'll never stop.

There are some more pictures of the exhibition here. If I manage to get hold of a good quality video of my address, or the interview I gave at NCRI I will of course post them.

Update: Here are a couple more pictures from another blog.

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