Saturday, 9 April 2011

Salisbury Opening

The Salisbury Breast Cancer LIFE show officially opens today at midday, although it has actually been welcoming visitors since last weekend.

There'll be a silent auction to raise money for the Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal. This includes a beautiful handmade necklace, designed and donated by Davide Reale of Reale Jewellers.

I'll be there from about 2pm – 4pm. All are welcome.

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Respectfully impressed dorset art teacher said...

I can't help feeling that Harriet has found some kind of new strength and confidence. Each work seems to express masses of visual and emotional depth. Spirits of artists past visit these visions and there is an understanding between artist and model filtering mysteriously out to the viewer. When one contemplates the struggle both in art and life that this phase of work embodies, it's so right to have it fixed in paint, pastel and pencil: these materials god given and so well served by artists since perhaps 35,000 BC. With the landscapes we could see how much has moved into 'the measure of all things'. Looking forward to the next canvases...

W.B Yeats:

'Those images that yet
Fresh images beget,
That dolfhin-torn, that gong-tormented sea. X