Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I was interviewed about the latest Breast Cancer LIFE exhibition, in Salisbury, by BBC Radio Wiltshire yesterday morning.

Here is a recording of the interview, in which I talk about the background and motivation behind the project.


Brian Sloan said...

Hello Harriet, what a great interview. The project has a life of it's own. Congratulations once again to you and all the women who have participated. Keep up the great work and all the best.


Harriet Barber said...

Thanks Brian!
Some of the models will hopefully be at the opening this Saturday afternoon, and I'm sure the public will be glad to meet and chat with some of them. There is so much to this exhibition - so many stories!

Anonymous said...

Well done, again, Harriet!

Good interview. Don't forget to let me know the dates that the exhibition moves on.

Chris D

Harriet Barber said...

Hi Chris,
The next venue is at the' Lighthouse', Centre for the arts, in Poole, Dorset.
It is there from Friday 10th June - Saturday 9th July

I will let you know of more venues & dates as they are confirmed.
Thanks for spreading the word,