Monday, 25 October 2010


I was back on the beach at Osmington today, taking advantage of a clear cold day after a week of storms and rain.

Having originally started this painting during an earlier period of clear skies – I found on my return that those very storms had changed the landscape of the beach, as they so often do.

So rather than simply finishing the painting off, I stripped back some of my previous work and depicted the new terrain of heaped stones and boulders as it now appeared.

I've written briefly before about how my landscapes and seascapes – painted over time, in situ – are so very different from those of artists who copy or work up from photographs they or others have taken of a scene. Sometimes, like today, I will be incorporating significant topographical changes. On other occasions it might be only the changing light as the painting progresses, and the effect of the wind moving grass.

Another factor today was that, it being half-term, there were quite a few more people visiting this usually-quiet beach than normal.

Many of course want to watch me work, or to ask questions and discuss painting. This, I think, will be the topic of another blog post.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

strong and rugged by comparison to earlier Osmington works

Liz B said...

I think you could do an exhibition of photos taken of your paintings in their natural surroundings, I love the one surrounded by pebbles. Gorgeous painting Harriet, as always xx