Sunday, 26 September 2010


After a year of painting and drawing, with twenty six different women sitting as models – the Breast Cancer LIFE exhibition opened today in the village of Plush in Dorset.

Many of the models were there, along with the wonderful Macmillan nurses from Dorset County Hospital, partners, sponsors, family and friends.

It was an exhilarating afternoon, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who made it possible – particularly the models.

I will be back there again tomorrow, and the show will stay up at Plush until mid-October (viewing by appointment), until moving to Poundbury, Lyme Regis, Salisbury, Poole and then further afield.

[The photographs above are just quick snaps. I will post some better ones, and write more about the show, in the next few days.]


Brian Sloan said...

That is one incredible year for you and your project. Thank you and your models for making it happen. I am loving the scale of the work, great work, well done. Can I order the book for delivery in Canada?

Eduardo Alvarado said...

Harriet, congratulations!

The works and the show looks absolutely amazing!

Harriet Barber said...

Sorry for being slow to get back to you Brian.
It really was an intense drawing experience for any artist, and an achievement too for the ladies to be 'artists models'. It has been worthwhile for all involved.
The scale of the drawings worked along side the larger oils on paper. I was pleased with the volume of work as every model drawn was included in the exhibition.
Thank you for your interest in the book too. As far as I know the book can be delivered to Canada. It is certainly worth checking the Blub site. If not then get back to me.

@ Eduardo. Lovely to hear from you.
What are you busy working on? Update me when you can on your news and work. H