Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Soft Day

Of course after what I wrote in my last post yesterday evening, today started quite dry with the promise of sun - but it began to rain a steady fine drizzle as soon as I'd set myself up on the beach.

The water creates a film which sits on top of the palette, the brushes and the canvas.

This can make the mixing and application of paint quite tricky.

There is an advantage to painting in rain however. The light and colour can be quite spectacular.

In order to minimise the amount of water on the canvas I turn it upside down whenever I'm mixing colour on the palette. You can see this in the photograph above where the painting is leaning - upside down - against my makeshift easel (a lobster pot).

I also shake or tap the canvas to get water drops off it before applying paint.

The two central photographs above show the water droplets on the canvas, and the last one the finished painting propped up in the hallway at Tresco Abbey.

Photographs of paintings from this trip, including today's, are here.

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