Saturday, 29 May 2010


Today started with wind and rain.

The wind can be overcome. Indeed I have painted in gales before. It is simply a matter of managing your canvas - and ensuring it doesn't turn into a hang-glider.

Rain is another matter. Although I can finish a painting if rain arrives while it is in progress, I won't start on a painting while it is actually raining.

So when the skies cleared in mid afternoon, I was ready to set off immediately.

The beach where I painted yesterday was very blustery, so I found a different - more sheltered - spot nearby.

Working outside, sitting on sand, means that sand will end up in your paint - no matter how hard you try to avoid this. I do like the texture that this can create in the paint, but on this occasion the volume that was blowing around and adhering to my palette and canvas meant that the colour became quite difficult to manage.

One way of overcoming this is to keep my brushes in the sand, as shown in the photographs above.

My paintings of Tresco completed so far during this trip - including the one above - are here.

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