Wednesday, 27 January 2010


On returning to the Stour with my makeshift easel to continue with my river painting today I was spotted by a fisherman some distance away. He initially thought that I was a fellow angler, but realised over time that I was actually a painter - and that in fact I was his sister-in-law.

Dave, like me, spent some of his childhood years in nearby Bryanston village. He knows and loves the Stour and, again like me, visits regularly to sit on its banks.

He fishes. I paint.

We both experience the connection with nature that sitting still in the landscape for a long time brings with it.

A high-quality photograph of the painting can be seen on the front page of my main website: and also in the Available for Sale section.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

I expect you find the sound of water rushing over that weir inspiring

Brian Sloan said...

It looks like spring! What a beautiful spot to paint and a small world experience. Two for the price of one. I can hear the river run and the feel the air in the trees. Fabulous work, all the energy captured, colours charged.

Tony Perrotta said...

I am envious of the time you spend outdoors doing these amazing paintings !!!!!!


Harriet Barber said...

Such lovely comments - thank you.
However I now realize that I do need to spend at least another day painting it - so it is not quite finished yet after all.
The canvas is so big and I haven't quite resolved all areas of the canvas; especially the tops of the trees on the left. I admit it was actually physically quite tricky to just reach that part of the canvas with the brush - this explains partly why it is presently the weakest part of the painting as I was struggling to reach it!