Thursday, 15 October 2009

Makeshift Easel

I was painting on a beach on the east side of Tresco this afternoon, at Blockhouse Point.

The light was dramatic.

I was pleased to find a large piece of driftwood on the beach, which I dragged into position where I wanted to work. I dug away the sand on one side of it, piling it across to ensure I had a good height to lean the canvas on.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

So close to the waves lapping in. Did you have to move a lot with the tide? You must get sand blown into your paints too!

Good to see you keeping busy over there.

Harriet Barber said...

Hi Chris,
I Was careful to note that the tide was on the way out.
I was aware of its pattern from being on the beach on the days before - so i was confident that i wouldn't get caught out.

The finished paintings are up on my website

Tony Perrotta said...

No ones work is more inspirational to me than your work is. makes me want to get out and paint everytime !