Monday, 12 October 2009

Daylight Robbery

I'm on Tresco again.

The island is so wonderful to paint that I got straight out there the moment I arrived.

However, with evenings drawing in so quickly I don't have as much daylight to resolve the painting.

Both photographs were taken in the evening, as the light faded quickly. The top photograph shows me painting on Sunday evening, when the weather was quite cloudy and overcast. Today was much clearer and brighter - as shown in the photograph below.

Note the plastic bags over my painting boots. The long grass is very wet in the evenings, and I don't want my boots to get too wet as I'll be wearing them all week.

I've painted the same view yesterday and today, looking east towards St Martins. It's interesting for me to compare the two paintings.

Tomorrow I start work on a larger canvas, before visiting Bryher for the evening.

Here are some paintings from my last trip here in March.

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Georgia HB said...

it is so lovely to see you sitting in a field painting, i love that - i still have memories of me as a child running around you whilst you paint as dory and maeve do now. love you and great work xx