Saturday, 12 September 2009

Precious Lives

I have a couple of paintings in an exhibition which opens this week on Tresco.

These were painted in spring this year, following my trip to the island. They have been beautifully custom-framed by hand.

I wrote about the paintings here and here.

And this painting has already sold, with part of the price going towards the Precious Lives Appeal for a children's hospice in the south west.

If you are interested in buying either of these two flower paintings, please contact Gallery Tresco direct.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

A lovely idea to donate your paintings.. I expect its in your spirit to support a just cause though!
Fingers crossed they raise a goodly amount.

Harriet Barber said...

Thanks Chris, it is such a good cause.

gigi said...

good information in your blog . Thank you!

Harriet Barber said...

Thank you gigi.