Thursday, 20 August 2009


Since my recent life drawings I've been grabbing every opportunity I can to work from the life model. I'm concentrating on quick poses, lasting only a few minutes.

This enables the model to adopt more challenging poses - twisting or leaning - which would be difficult and painful to sustain for long.

Here are two drawings I sketched from two different models, along with photographs.

I haven't worked from these photographs, but I find them both inspiring - and useful for visual reference.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Return Of The Native

A month has passed since the last time I worked on this Winfrith Heath painting, and I was relieved yesterday to find that the heather was still very much in bloom.

Here are some photographs, and a video, recording the last session on this painting.

I've posted a high-quality photograph of the completed painting on my main website.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Yesterday evening I went up to the private view for the Ludlow Summer Exhibition, in which I am showing this painting.

I was impressed with the gallery space and the curation. There were some stunning pieces, and I particularly liked the eclectic glass sculptural models by Sharon Leahy-Clark and the way the evening's rain vivified Angela Conner's kinetic sculpture Homing.

The gallery is in a beautiful part of the country, which I'd not visited before. I'd love to return there to paint one day.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a painting in the Browse & Darby 'Contemporary Artists' exhibition, which is currently running.

The painting selected was Chaldon Sheep in Spring Snow, which I painted during the late spell of snow earlier this year.

This measures 41 x 61 cm, not including the rather beautiful frame. It is priced at £3,800.

Click on the top picture above to see the other exhibiting artists, including my friend and contemporary at the Slade, Andy Pankhurst.

Contact Browse & Darby for further information.

A Model Sister

I wrote in my previous post about drawing my sister.

Since then I've had the chance to spend another session with her.

She makes a great model, and was prepared to take up poses which were interesting for me.

Unfortunately such poses are usually the most difficult and uncomfortable for the model.

For example, a slight twist in the torso - or a shift of weight to one side - can cause cramps and aches in a very short time indeed.

So, for Polly, these poses must have felt like they went on for a long time - whereas I was working with a sense of sympathy and urgency.

I'm really pleased with them and hope to do more, including some charcoal studies, and possibly some ink and watercolour.