Monday, 13 July 2009

Lone Ranger

I continued with my latest large Winfrith Heath painting today.

The weather was similar to last week, when I started it. Sunny and warm.

As the sun beat down on me, a man walked into my line of vision.

Now the heath isn't particularly remote, and it has a few regular dog walkers - but they tend to stick to the paths. And I don't.

So it is quite unusual to be approached. It is also something I don't particularly welcome as I'm trying to concentrate on my painting.

But this visitor had a professional interest in who I was and what I was doing.

He was one of the local countryside rangers.

We chatted for quite a while. I was relieved that he saw my presence in the landscape as harmless. It was clear that we shared an interest in the countryside in general, and the heath in particular.

Sadly in the past, in north Dorset, in the countryside where I grew up and first started painting - I've had some very unpleasant experiences with landowners who have seen my presence as a personal affront, and been rude and aggressive.

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Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

the paiting has moved on since the last posting.. It must be the nice weather thats inspiring you to get out there.