Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Village School

Last Friday children from the Year 3 (7-8 year olds) class at a local school came to visit my studio.

I gave them an art lesson on portraiture, and they got to see my recent Thomas Children at Ringstead commission before it left the studio.

I started by explaining that my studio used to be the village school until 1932, and that all the children of the village would have had their lessons here.

The children then looked at all of my art materials, and I explained what they were all for.

Then we all had a go at drawing faces, looking at basic proportions - followed by drawing figures.

We all really enjoyed ourselves, and the children got to choose a greetings card each from a selection of my paintings.

I'll be going on a follow-up visit to their school soon.


Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

A great image.. That new painting is quite huge!
Good to hear the children had a great time with you

polly said...

brilliant teacher, so talented harriet xx

C said...

You cannot imagine how amazing it is to be the lucky teacher who got to bring her class to the studio, and work with Harriet. The follow up work in class was brilliant, they can't wait to have you back!
Thanks a million
Mrs Salina