Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ludlow Summer Exhibition

I've had a painting accepted for the Ludlow Summer Exhibition in August this year.

I painted it from life on the banks of the river Stour near Bryanston last year, as this post that I made at the time explains. I also discussed the size of the canvas here.

This is quite a large painting, and it is dominated by the cool, cold colours of the winter landscape - the blues, greys and greens.

While it was working on the painting two teenage boys arrived on the opposite bank and started fishing. Like painting, this activity requires the practioner to stay still in the landscape for a period of time. This gave me to wonderful opportunity to add them to the painting.

I love the small red mark of one of the boys' fishing bucket in the centre of the picture. It is exciting for an artist to have such a small but significant contrast to depict (click on the picture above to see a larger, more detailed version).

The vertical lines of the bare winter trees on the riverbank also offer a challenge, and they strongly dictated the composition.

I will post more details of the Ludlow exhibition as soon as I have them.

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Chris Rudge Renewable Power said...

I remember this painting from previous uploads. It is one of my favorites, with so much detail of tree and water movement, plus as you say, the figures captured too.

Well done on getting the painting accepted for the exhibition.