Friday, 3 April 2009


I brought these beautiful flowers back from my recent trip to Tresco, and started painting them in the studio earlier this week.

The painting was very close to being finished, but I ran out of time towards the end - and had to return the following day.

This was a great pity as I really wanted to keep the painting close to what it was, as I was pleased with the freshness and light - as well as the character of the flowers.

However, this is a painting from life. Flowers open!

When I returned to the studio I found that the bright yellow daffodils had open out - partially obsuring the pale white flowers which had dominated the previous day.

I then re-worked and changed the painting accordingly.

I'm happy with the finished result - but it is very different from the painting I'd left the previous day.

[The photographs above show, from the top downwards: the finished painting, my palette, a detail of the painting, the setup and painting during the first day I worked on it]

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