Thursday, 5 February 2009

Back At The Beach

I've been away from this blog for some time now because I've been unwell.

I'm now on the road to recovery, and a major milestone for me was getting out on to the beach at Ringstead last week.

There wasn't too much wind that day, although it was still quite cold. As I feel quite 'rusty' it was good to have conditions which weren't too harsh for late January.

The painting above was the start of a seascape with figures on the beach. Sadly I couldn't continue with it the following day as the weather had changed, and the shingle had moved significantly overnight.

I still find it amazing that no matter how well I know the beach the power of the waves and tide is such that the changes to the landscape mean I am not able to place my exact spot just a few afters afterwards.

It really was wonderful to be back outside, painting, again. I know I'm healthy when I'm painting outside.


Chris Rudge Electrical said...
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Chris Rudge Electrical said...

really good to see your back painting outside.. even in this cold weather!

Tony Perrotta said...

Get well and stay well Harriet, looking foward to your posts.