Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Three Blind Mice

I'm really pleased with my latest studio painting (the smaller one, on the right in the first photograph).

It was interesting to work in a wider, landscape format. And I revelled in the task of painting some heads and cloves of garlic - which share some of the delicacy of colour and paleness of the roses I paired them with.

The set-ups for these paintings are very much influenced by my experience of painting similar still lifes at the Slade. Yet they are also strongly reminiscent of the very first paintings I ever produced as a teenager at home in Dorset - which were of similar subject matter.

The only drawback of painting the garlic was that it seemed to attract some country mice from outside. They were very bold and nearly blind. I kept having to push them away gently with my paintbrush.

I couldn't have left this set-up in the studio overnight otherwise they would have had it for supper, so it was good that I finished the painting yesterday evening.


Tony Perrotta said...

Wow Harriet, i love all of these flower paintings !! Your color and brushstrokes as always captivate me.

No heat? why so cold in your srudio all the time ??

Regards Tony Perrotta

Chris Chalk said...

Hi Harriet, You seem to paint very boldly, I like that. You've some great painting on this blog. Totally different colours to the ones I use too. Different subjects I guess. How cool was the mouse! You Mr Doolittle or sommut? Haha. Keep creating, Chris

Maria said...

A great masterpiece. You captured the essence of beauty in nature.

Jan said...

Wow! So nice! I like it.