Sunday, 2 November 2008


These photographs show how I usually start a painting by 'blocking in' the shapes; defining shapes and their relationships to each other.

Next, the palette is just about to be wiped clean as I had filled it, and needed more mixing area.

The final two photographs show the painting as I finished it. Today was very dark throughout, and the cameraphone I'm using here isn't great quality, so I've taken one with the available light - and the last one with the lighting on in the studio.

All of the pictures capture the coldness of my studio today I think.

My recent output has been strongly biased towards flowers. I'm fascinated by them - and by roses in particular. They combine strength and delicacy - both in their colours and the structure. A rare combination, and a challenge for any painter.

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Polly said...

Love it Harriet, beautiful painting x