Monday, 20 October 2008

Less Is More

While winter arrived outside my studio this morning, I was inside - quiet and cosy in my new legwarmers.

Instead of painting a large arrangement of flowers, with lots of structure, volume and complexity - I decided to work on something simpler and calmer.

It is good to get back to essentials sometimes, and really concentrate my attention on a smaller arrangement. This particular one is reminiscent of those we sometimes used in the Slade - which were sometimes single flowers in a small vase. It was at that time that I produced a number of paintings of, for example, garlic, onions or eggs.

I will resume work on this unfinished painting tomorrow.


Ben Mottram said...

that is a wonderful composition; I am sure it looks as good in reality as it does on the web.

Can't wait till I can come and see it for real.


Harriet Barber said...

Thanks Ben ... I finished it today, and am about to blog a little update. It's for an exhibition in November (partly raising money for the West Dorset Breast Cancer group).

Hope we get to see you soon.

H x