Friday, 30 May 2008

Huge & Lucious

Having recently finished my nude, I'm currently working on my large landscape.

But on days like today, where the rain has stopped me from working outside - I take advantage of my studio.

Painting still lifes of flowers may seem to some rather pedestrian, but I see it completely differently.

The challenge of capturing the complex variety of structures and delicate forms of garden flowers, whilst showing their freshness and luciously rich colours, is one that excites and inspires me.

In addition to their individual shapes, a vase or jug stuffed full of mixed garden flowers also has its own character as an 'arrangement', and it is this that I am trying to capture.

I almost always use only flowers from my own garden. This results in widely differing colours and varieties depending on the season.

It was when I moved to this area two years ago, inheriting a beautifully stocked garden from the previous owner (to which I added Cosmos, a gift from my stepfather), that I started painting garden flowers on large canvases.

The photographs above show the painting as it progressed throughout the day. I will continue with it tomorrow - and post the results here.

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