Sunday, 6 April 2008

Scraps Of Colour

One of the first things I was taught at the Slade was to bin my 'student quality' paints, and to buy only artist quality. My tutor Euan Uglow was intolerant of the use anything other than the best quality paint - as well as brushes, linen and primer.

Such a lesson is hard for a student on a limited budget, but no matter how tempting the price I could never return now to the poorer quality paints that I used throughout my time at Manchester.

Although they are considerably cheaper, student quality paints really restrict the range of your palette. This is particularly noticeable when painting with darker colours. Poorer quality paint is incapable of being both dark and rich in intensity.

Now I use Old Holland artist quality paint. This gives me the scope to paint with a full palette.

But it doesn't come cheap. The larger tubes of certain colours can cost £100 or more.

With such an investment I have to ensure that I don't leave any paint unused in the tube.

As I come to the end of a tube I'll open it up with a pair of sharp scissors to use the remaining colour. This is clearly impractical when painting outdoors, so I tend to save the 'tube ends' for the studio.

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The Lone Beader said...

Wow. That's over $200/colour! That's alotta money for a tube of paint.