Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Winter at Ringstead

I last wrote about painting at Ringstead here, where I explained about the temporary 'easel' I was using.

When I returned to my spot last week to continue with the painting not only had the easel disappeared, but the landscape of the beach had been radically altered by the storms.

The shingle bank on which I had been sitting has been lifted by the sea and deposited about 15ft higher up the beach. A small blue rowing boat that had been left on a chain nearby, well above the high-water mark, has been completely buried. You can see it in the background of this photograph.

Needless to say, my temporary easel has gone. The crevice where I left it cannot now be seen. It too has been buried under tons of shingle.

Because of these shifts in the landscape I have had to make some compositional changes to the painting. I'm going back there later this week and hope to complete it then.

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Eduardo Alvarado said...

Harriet, I like your lovely and mysterious video! What is the music? I have remenbered you these stormed days...
And I have discovered a painter that has make me think about you...His name is Berbard Chaet, do you know him. A link to his work http://www.alphagallery.com/artists/chaet.html
And you know, Munch too...
Take care, best for you