Thursday, 7 February 2008

No Flies On Me

These pictures show a painting I've been working on for the last couple of days.

The first picture shows it as it was after I finished for the day. It has been so windy and blustery that when I was walking back up the cliff at Osmington the wet painting was caught by a gust of wind - and got smudged against my clothes. This is an occupational hazard - and the worse the weather the more challenging it becomes to work with larger canvases.

The following day I awoke to find that the weather had changed. It was brighter and calmer. Although this made for much more pleasant working conditions, the scene lacked the wildness that had struck me so the day before. I therefore had to start to work in some changes - which ultimately meant that the painting was not finished today.

My intention is to go back to the beach this weekend and resolve the painting - particularly focussing on the complicated, stony foreground. I'm keeping my finger crossed for slightly worse weather!

If you look at the second photograph you should see lots of tiny black dots. These are sandflies from the beach that swarmed me while I was painting. Many landed on the wet paint. If the painting is still wet when I continue I will have to paint them in into the paint, mixing them into the texture. If it is dry I will be able to brush them off. This is not the kind of thing people think about when they imagine the idyllic life of the landscape painter!

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