Sunday, 10 February 2008

Into The Sun

Following on from yesterday's post, showing me about to set off for the banks of the river Stour at Blandford - with a large, partly completed canvas - I thought I would let you know how I got on.

I've painted many, many times on this riverbank - in all weathers. In the summer you expect to be hot, and I dress accordingly - with a peaked cap and suncream. In the depths of winter I have a woolly hat, several layers of fleeces - and a pair of skiing salopettes.

It being early February I had my winter clothes on. You can see from the pictures in the previous post that I am dressed for warmth.

Well, yesterday I sweltered. In fact, by the time I had finished I thought I was about to come down with sunstroke - despite having shed several layers of clothing.

The sun also introduced another challenge. It was very bright and low, and without a cloud in the sky I was looking almost directly into it. This meant a lot of squinting, and shielding of my eyes with my free hand. I wished I had brought my suncream and my cap.

It was however all worthwhile. The top photograph, taken with my cameraphone, shows the painting as it about halfway through the session. The lower photograph shows it as it is now. Completed.

I am really very pleased with the colours and drawing, and I particularly like the small figures I have worked in. There were two teenagers fishing on the left bank, and a walker on the right.

As well as being productive, the painting session was also very sociable. A couple of the walkers were old friends from Blandford, and it was great to catch up with them.