Sunday, 17 February 2008

Getting Out There

I've been asked by lots of painters what my methods are for working outdoors. Yesterday, as I was about to prepare for a trip to Winfrith Heath (to complete the painting I show here and here) I decided on the spur of the moment that we could make a quick video showing what I take with me.

So what you see here wasn't planned, but it does give an idea of the realities of painting landscapes in situ.

Every landscape I produce is painted outside - in the landscape itself. Each mark I make on the canvas is a faithful response to what I am looking at. Even though the light, and the landscape itself is constantly changing it is these factors which test your skills as an artist.

Working from a 2-dimensional image, such as a photograph or projection, is a completely different proposition. Sometimes, when it is cold, rainy - or even in blazing sunlight - I think of those using such methods in their studios, as I lug my rucksack over a muddy field.

But the rewards of becoming part of the landscape over the hours and days I am there are immense. When I have completed a landscape painting I can be confident that it is a true and honest representation of a particular time and a particular place.


milou said...

Lovely stuff - always good to see the practicalities behind the art (and what a fab tree you were sitting near.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harriet, what is it about cadmium yellow! Good to see you out in the elements. Adrian S x

Shell said...

Great video! I like how you sit on the earth, not propped up on a chair with your work on an easel - it is like you are merging with the landscape itself.

chris said...

a wonderful video showing the glitzy day in the life of Harriet the landscape painter.. Thanks.. Nice to see the Heath again too.

jack said...

I enjoyed watching this, thanks. And your voice :)


Anonymous said...