Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Two Very Different Paintings

I've been working on two very different paintings.

Today I was in my studio, painting a life model. I find this work very intensive, in a different way to the intensity I feel whilst painting outside. I thoroughly enjoy the collaborative effort of working with another person (ie. the model), and here I am very lucky to have found a wonderful model who sits very still with few breaks - and who is an interesting and sympathetic subject.

Last week I started a painting on Winfrith Heath, which is near where I live. The rain has put a temporary stop to this, but I am hoping that tomorrow it will be overcast - and neither sunny nor rainy - so that I can finish it. The beginning of the painting can be seen propped on my kitchen dresser above.


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jack said...

yes I find "life" drawing very tiring and potentially very rewarding or frustrating.Maybe some unconscious relationship with the model which you dont get with landscapes. Look forward to seeing them finished !