Friday, 25 January 2008


I set off this morning to paint on the banks of the river Stour in Blandford. This was a continuation of a painting I started yesterday. This area is perhaps the place that I have painted more than any other over the years - and I feel that I know it so well.

My first ever landscape oil painting was of the river Stour at Charlton Marshall, where I was then living. I was a teenager. It was the winter, and I sat right by the river bank. I was transfixed by the cool blues of the water, and the reflections of the trees. Over twenty years later I still am. And that is what made me sit by the weir at Blandford in January for several hours to continue painting this view.

The first photograph above shows the painting as I left the house for this morning with my palette and painting bag; and the bottom one shows the picture on my return. You can also see it propped up indoors here.